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Is your chessgame ailing ?

Got the chess-playing blues?

Have you started to notice that you now lose to players you used to consider your 'customers' ?

Or that it is becoming increasingly hard to shake that 'sinking' feeling whenever you sit down at the board?

And that nothing seems to work quite as well as it used to?

Have you started to give some thought to why it is, recently, when you visit your local chess club at your regular time there is a lineup waiting to play you for money?

Have you found it increasingly irritating that even the spectators are starting to laugh at your moves?

If you recognize yourself here then please don't panic!

Before you jump to any hasty conclusions and spend thousands of your hard earned dollars on expensive lessons and books take the time to write to the 'Doc' !

Explain what is ailing you in 100 words or less.

The 'Doc' guarantees to personally study your case!

He makes the promise to try to find you an inexpensive solution (don't mistake this for 'cheap' talk) that will allow you to return to play the game you love with the same zest, excitement and enjoyment as in the 'good old days'! Let the sun shine through!

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