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by Kevin Spraggett

originally posted to Chesstalk

How many chess books do I have that deal with the
ending? Answer. At least 50

What is on the ending list?
Chess endings from Modern Master Play, by Mieses(1901) (one of the best)
Practical chess endings, by Keres
Basic chess endings, by Fine (it only took 2 weeks to write, and was a best seller for 40 years)
Batsford Chess Endings, by Speelman (the new 'basic chess endings'...only as ref.work)
Winning chess Technique, by Belyavsky and friends (great for masters)
Cheron Series (3 vol), by Cheron (fantastic
Averback Series (X vol) by Averback (for many years the 'standard')
Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems, (great reading)
ECO Series ,by the informant people (great stuff, as ref)
Pawn endings , by Averback and Maizelis (lovely stuff, these pawns...)

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